Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Photographers - Jonas Bendiksen

This is a photograph from the series Satellites by Jonas Bendiksen, in which Jonas travel for several years around the old Soviet Union, capturing the world that the tabloids have now forgotten about. He captures great scenes of survival in the fringe countries of the old Soviet Union spanning from Eastern Europe to Central Asian and over to Siberia.

In this photograph Jonas has captured the remnants of the Soviet space program in Kazakhstan being used by the locals as a way to make money to live from day to day without hunger. This is because Kazakhstan is one of the cheapest places in the world to launch space shuttles from and also to crash land as well. Now the residents near the crash sights scavenging the wreckages for titanium and aluminium rich metal alloys that the can then sell on.

What I like about Bendiksens work is the story behind them, taking an event that once had the whole world watching and showing them that even though it is not in the papers or on the news any more, it s still in plain sight that the countries in question are still struggling after so many years. Even if you can't see them on your television or in the tabloids, if you look hard enough they are still in plain sight and are in as much trouble as they were when you last read about the situation.

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