Friday, 31 December 2010

Julian Germain

I found Julian Germain while researching for a photography project at university and came across one of his old projects 'Single Parent Families' I just like the interaction between the families and Julian making this series a great insight into family life. Julian spent over eighteen months with several families to achieve this intimate look at family life.

Friday, 17 December 2010

100 Portraits - 100 Photographers

Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Rafal Milach

Laura Pannack

Stewart Simons

Andy Adams who has been publishing on FlakPhoto for the past four years this year gathered some of the best portraits from significant artists and promoted them to people who are passionate about photography on a global scale. I think this idea is fantastic as it is a great way to show the many different styles of portrait photography in one space and also to promote many photographers to a new range of people. I love looking at all the portraits for inspiration and recommend anyone who is into photography to look at some of the greatest work by some of the best new up and coming photographers out there. Just click on the link below to see the whole gallery.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Adam Hinton

Adam Hinton was a guest lecture to my course yesterday, he is a documentary photography who has managed to gain access and work in the world of advertising. I found his talk very inspirational and helped me understand what is needed to make it if I want to go down the documentary route. His work is fantastic, beautiful and hard hitting. Adam is the type of photographer I want to be, traveling the world bringing to light the struggle that people go through to the general public.

This is a photograph from a series he did on a community that live in slums under a flyover in Indonesia. It shows even though this community does not have much money and room they go out to make this tiny, damp and dark place their home. This series shows that even at the worst of times people can come together for the better.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Video Wednesday - 01

Short Film found on YouTube

Video Wednesday

I have decided that a new midweek post was due so I thought about sharing what short films, adverts, music videos and animations I enjoy, appreciate and think are fantastic.

Hope you enjoy this new weekly post.