Sunday, 24 January 2010

Favourite Photographers - Douglas Abuelo

Where They Sleep is the name of Abuelos project a few years back. The project was to show the homeless and where they sleep, but instead of the standard photo of a homeless guy sitting on the streets he tried a different attempt that is hard hitting. Douglas Abuelo did the simple idea of merely taking a photograph of the where the homeless slept without showing the homeless themselves.

This is a great way of showing the horrific life of these poor souls without putting a face to them. It leaves the imagination open to try and picture who is sleeping in this squat. You want to go to the location and find out more. What the person looks like, what their story is and where they are hoping to go.

The images are dark and moody with not a lot to tell you about the person but images with handprints, blood and dirty corners in them paint you a terrible image of how these poor people live and the pain they must go through.

I sadly have not been to any of Douglas Abuelo's exhibitions nor have any of his books but I will definitely be getting hold of a book if he has published one.

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