Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Favourite Photographers - Gillian Wearing

I was introduced to Gillian Wearing by a fellow photography student a few years back and her project Signs, in which she approached the general public and asked them to spontaneously write something down on a piece of paper. This was very interesting to look at as it showed what people thought, believed or wanted to say. It also showed that you cannot judge a book by its cover as when you see the image of a businessman you think he has a few pounds to spend probably with a lovely other half and a nice car and house or flat. He looks smart and happy with what he does from day to day but when asked to write someone onto a piece of paper he wrote very few words yet this makes you look at him very differently. The words were "I'm desperate" this suggests that yes he is a businessmen, smartly dressed and with a few bob to his name but he is not happy, he doesn't have someone to share his wealth with which makes you feel some remorse for him and shows that money doesn't buy you happiness.

I really like Gillian Wearing's work as it questions our views on how we judge people and that talking to them and getting to know them can truly show you who they are. This could be good or bad reasons but everyone is very different to how they look and how they feel.

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