Saturday, 29 May 2010

Favourite Photographers - James Mollison

Has been some time since I posted a favourite photographer, so I thought why not post one that has influenced me over the past few years and has influenced my thoughts for a future series I will be starting this September or October this year. So why is James Mollison one of my favourite photographers, I think it because of his series 'The Disciples' which James went from concert to concert over a three year period and photographed some of the most extreme fans that go along to see their idols. They love their hero so much they feel the need to scarily look like them. It is a great portrait series documenting the type of people who attend concerts by famous artists and how different each concert is, so the people are always different from the last but they all one thing in common, their love for their idol. This for me is a great social documentation on the music industry as well as a feel good series on fan and their love for their music and their favourite musician.

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