Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Photographers - Erik Refner

As it is the Fifa World Cup at the moment I thought I would post a sports photographer I came across a few months back. This is one of the photographs from his series 'Copenhagen Marathon, Finish Line'. What I like about this series is how Erik Refner has captured the moment in which the marathon runner has finally finished the race. The participant would have had to be mentally and physically be able to complete the marathon, as running for a lengthy time is not just about being fit enough to run, the person has to be able to maintain a steady pace, while breathing the right way to enable the body to get enough air to run for so many miles and finally the will to finish. Once the runner is over the line all of that is gone, the person is hit with relief, contentment and joy of finishing but they are still out of breath, in pain and tired. With all these emotions and feelings running though their bodies it creates a hard hitting photograph of the ups and downs of sports and I feel Refner has captured this perfectly, by bringing the runner out using hard light against the dull greys background you only see the person and their feelings.

I saw this photograph in a book that I brought a few months back, its called 'Photo Box' which has around 250 photographers and their photographs on its pages. This book is well worth buying if you are starting any course where you need to know photographers, or if you want to extend your photographic knowledge.

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