Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Photographers - Paul Vickery

Paul Vickery has got to be one of my new favourite portrait and documentary photographers at the moment. His work is visually stunning, dark and has true meaning behind them. The photograph displayed here is part of a series called ‘Past Imperfect Future Tense' a portrait series looking at people who are classed as outsiders but have the desire to be seen even though they will be put to one side in today’s society. Vickery shows viewer who these people are, outsiders who have the prejudice against them because of their race, beliefs and style but also tries to show them as people that want to be seen and accepted for who they are. All of Paul’s photographs are in black and white which I feel helps create the feeling of being separated from the rest of society, plus this is a standard style for most documentary photographers and I feel Paul Vickery has picked this up and used it to excel his work and the meaning behind them.

He has a book out that goes by the same name as the series and I would say go out a buy it to see his work in all it beauty, some of the photos have been published in 125 magazine 'America' issue which is also another great buy.

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