Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Favourite Photographers - Jerry Ueslmann

Jerry Ueslmann is one of my favourite black and white photographers at the moment. I have never had the chance to see Jerry Uelsmann's work hanging on a gallery wall as I believe it would be amazing to look at. Ueslmann takes loads of photographs of many different objects, people and landscapes. He then hits the darkroom which has several enlargers and he goes to work creating visually stunning and mind blowing images. These pictures could be of floating islands over a river or a woman emerging from a lake. They all look as if they had been created on Photoshop and other photo editing software’s but they were all created in the dark room using stencils and a lot of patience.

I have one of his books "Other Realities" which has copies of some of his work and when flicking though the pages you just get taken to another world and just want to wonder how he created such visually stunning images.

Again like all the photographers, artists and all other people I talk about if you can get their books or go to their exhibitions I would straight way, especially Jerry Ueslmann as his work is just beautiful and takes you away from the world around you.

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