Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Favourite Photographers - Joachim Schmid

The series Photogenetic Drafts is one of my favourite series done by Schmid. This series has none of Joachim Schmids photography work itself but instead an unknown studio photographer. How this came about was that this mystery photographer left a bag of half cut negatives on the front door and Schmid then filtered through the many portraits of people of all ages and races and then added one to another to create a new portrait using two different people. The final images go perfectly together with everything in proportion and the hair, nose and mouths from one subject moulding and combining with the other nicely.

I had the chance to see this series along with a few of his other series which were also to do with either negatives, final prints or magazines that had been torn up for disposal at the Photographers Gallery a few years back.

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