Monday, 29 March 2010

Favourite Photographers - Alec Soth

This is a photograph from Alec Soth's series called Sleeping By The Mississippi. What I like about this series is that all the people he has photographed have probably never met each other yet they all have so much in common. They are part of a community that live, eat and sleep along this well known river. Everyone of them are in an environment that they find comfortable, safe and secure, yet they are isolated, alone and singled out. This gives the feeling of despair, desolation and sadness, due to the friendless feel that Soth has created. Having the subject in an environment that seems close to them, being their house or a place they go to relax, you get the feeling of salvation, optimism and slight cheerfulness in each of these individuals. Both these two very different feelings go well together to create a fantastic series of portraits into the life and minds of the residence that live along the Mississippi River.

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