Sunday, 18 April 2010

New Photographers - Masashi Asada

This is Masashi Asadas photography series called Asada Family. The photographs in this series are all family portraits of Masashi's mother, father and two brothers. What Asada has done to make the family portraits more interesting from the ones everyone else takes is that he has put them in situations that would not be associated with his family. Such as being fire fighters, then rugby players and also sushi chefs. Due to Asadas style of portrait photography it makes the viewer question how true the photograph can be. If you saw just the sushi chefs photograph you could see this being believable because his family could own a sushi restaurant. When shown next to the fire fighters photograph this then makes you question your last thoughts. The series has this feel good feel to it, you like how close the family are to each other, you like how the portraits are different to everyday standard boring family portraits but this series also questions how true a photograph can really be. As all these photographs on their own can seem real and true family portraits but when in a series that has the family doing many different activities you start to question how true a photograph really is. This is why I like this series and feel that it has much greater depth that other family portraits you see.

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