Friday, 2 April 2010

New Photographers - Sam O'Hare

This is Sam O'Hares stop motion film called The Sandpit. O'Hare over 5 days and 2 evenings photographed everyday life of New York City, from the helicopter tours to the workmen at the docks, from the yoga trainers under a bridge to people meeting for coffee. This stop motion video is visually stunning, beautiful, a great documentation of everyday life in a busy well known city and just a joy to watch. As said before Sam O'Hare spent 5 days in several locations using a digital camera to capture the hustle and bustle of city life. He took an astonishing 35,000 photographs to create this masterpiece and during post production added a tilt shift affect to every photograph.

What I really like about his work is it has this toy town feel to it thanks to the angle, height and distance O'Hare shot the photos from and then created this stop frame film. I do not have a lot of words that can describe his work but for me it is just a feel good film that is beautiful, elegant and just breath taking to watch. Its a great way to photograph and present a documentary look at the world.

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